Our Team – Update

Professor Jon Krosnick
Lab Director
Jon KrosnickJon is a social psychologist who does research on attitude formation, changes, and effects, on the psychology of political behavior, and on current survey research methods. He is the Frederic O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences, Professor of Communication, Political Science, and (by courtesy) Psychology. At Stanford, besides his professorships, he directs the Political Psychology Research Group.

Department of Communication
Department of Political Science

Bo Macinnis, PhD

Bo MacInnisBo MacInnis is a Ph.D. economist from the University of California at Berkeley. Her research focuses on climate change and survey research methods. She is a Lecturer in the Department of Communication, and regularly collaborates with Jon on climate change research.

Curriculum Vitae

Sebastian Lundmark, PhD
Researcher, SOM Institute, University of Gothenburg, and PPRG Team Member

Sebastian Lundmark

Sebastian earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. His main research interest is in survey methodology and is working with Jon as a postdoc within the Replication Project.

Curriculum Vitae
University of Gothenburg

Lauren Howe, PhD
Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Zurich
Lauren Howe
Lauren earned her Ph.D. in Social Psychology at Stanford University. She is interested in public communication about political issues, motivated reasoning, and public distrust in opinion polls.

Curriculum Vitae

Matthew Berent, PhD
PPRG Team Member
Berent, Matt
Matthew Berent earned his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at The Ohio State University. He runs his own consulting firm and worked with Jon on survey question design and voting behavior. His research interests include human-computer interactions and consumer data.

Curriculum Vitae

Matthew DeBell, PhD
Director of Stanford Operations, American National Election Studies, PPRG Team Member
Matthew DeBell earned his Ph.D. in government at Georgetown University. DeBell has been Director of Operations for the American National Election Studies since 2006. His research areas include questionnaire design and public opinion.

Institute for Research in the Social Sciences

John Protzko, PhD
PPRG Team MemberJohn ProtzkoProtzko earned his Ph. D. in psychological development studying the long-term impacts of interventions on cognitive development. His research also encompasses meta science, the science of the scientific process, research methodology, and social decision-making.

Current Graduate Students

Adina Abeles
PhD Student
Adina is a Ph.D. student concentrating in political communication. Her research interests include public attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about global warming and other partisan environmental issues.

Department of Communication

Catherine Chen
PhD Student
Catherine ChenCatherine is a Ph.D. student concentrating in political communication. Currently, her research focuses on public opinion and survey methodologies in both the U.S. and China.

Department of Communication

Samy Sekar
PhD Student
Samy SekarSamantha (Samy) Sekar is a Ph.D. student in the interdisciplinary environment and resources program and a David and Lucille Packard Foundation Fellow. She researches how to estimate public opinion at state and local levels, so that public opinion data is more relevant for policymakers.

Woods Institute

Taylor Orth
PhD Student
Taylor Orth
Taylor is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology at Stanford. Her research interests include families, relationships, gender, demography, and public opinion.

Department of Sociology

Current Undergraduate Research Assistants

Sierra Burgon

Sierra Burgon
, Undergraduate RA

Sierra is a sophomore at Stanford pursuing a major in Human Biology with a concentration in Health and Health Policy and a minor in Psychology. She is especially interested in Neurolaw and bioethics. Outside of the PPRG, Sierra works at Stanford’s Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis and enjoys using her free time to hang out with friends and explore the city.

Matthew Dardet

Matthew Dardet,
Undergraduate RA

Matthew is a third-year undergraduate at Stanford majoring in the data science concentration of political science with minors in history and economics. In addition, he enjoys exploring museums and galleries, golfing, playing the electric and double bass in several jazz combos and the Stanford Collaborative Orchestra, reading about science and history, and writing science fiction short stories. [

Niki Nguyen

Niki Nguyen,
Undergraduate RA

Niki is a junior studying political science with interests in ethics, political representation, and democratic theory. She is especially passionate about these topics as they relate to the mobilization of marginalized communities across race/ethnicity and immigration status. In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing percussion, and being active within the AAPI community.

Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez, Undergraduate RA

Jessica Gonzalez is a sophomore pursuing a major in political science, with an interest in economics, political theory and international relations. Jessica spent her summer interning in the Senate at the United States Capitol and the House of Representatives in Florida. In her free time, she enjoys editing, cross-stitching, visiting museums, and attending Stanford sponsored political events.

Larissa Bersh
Larissa Bersh, Undergraduate RA

Larissa is a sophomore planning on majoring in psychology with future plans that include law school. Outside of school, her interests include fitness, writing, and nutrition.

Lucas Simoes
Lucas Simoes, Undergraduate RA

Lucas is a sophomore at Stanford pursuing a major in economics with a focus on finance and minor international relations. He likes to spend his time outside the lab keeping up to date with events in the financial sector, playing his bass guitar, and being active in his fraternity.

Ashton Borcherding
Ashton Borcherding, Undergraduate RA

Ashton is a sophomore planning on majoring in economics and minoring in political science. She is particularly interested in the intersection of politics and religion, and how these factors shape our society as a whole. Ashton is also a member of the Stanford sailing team and has competed in four world sailing championships. In her free time, she enjoys running and filmmaking.

Sophia Serafin
Sophia Serafin, Undergraduate RA

Sophia is a junior at Stanford pursuing a degree in political science, with special interests in representation and political psychology. Out of the classroom, Sophia is involved in Stanford Politics as a staff writer. In her free time, she enjoys video editing, listening to music, and playing with her dog.

Isaac Cheruiyot
Isaac Cheruiyot, Undergraduate RA

Issac is a freshman pursuing a major in symbolic systems and electrical engineering, with interests in artificial intelligence, quantum engineering, and avionics. Isaac is currently involved with the SSI, Robotics Club, and is a member of the club tennis team. In his free time, he enjoys photography, rock climbing, and exploring new places

Jack Quinn
Jack Quinn, Undergraduate RA

Jack is a sophomore looking to major in International Relations with concentrations in International Security and East and South Asia. He’s interested in global politics, foreign languages, and American democracy. During his free time, he plays guitar in the Stanford Jazz Orchestra and other private groups, watches Netflix, and exercises occasionally.

Eitan Weiner

Eitan Weiner
, Undergraduate RA

Eitan is a sophomore at Stanford planning to complete a Music major with an interest in political theory, processes, and psychology. His interests outside of the classroom include sound engineering, hip-hop, and soccer.

Sophia Sosa

Sophia Sosa
, Undergraduate RA

Sophia is a sophomore pursuing a degree in international relations. Her interests within the major includes economics and human health and social wellbeing. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, listening to music, and exploring new places.

Former Graduate Students

Cecilia Mo
Cecilia Mo

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley.

Curtiss Cobb
Curtiss Cobb

Survey Scientist – Growth, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA

Charles Ellis
Charles Ellis

Senior Vice President, Marketing Sciences, Ipsos Marketing, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Christopher Bryan
Christopher Bryan

Assistant Professor of Behavioral Science, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Alexander Tahk

Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ann R. Lynn

Associate Professor, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York.

Alison Szymanski

The Strategy Team, Columbus, Ohio.

Allyson Holbrook

Professor, Departments of Public Administration and Psychology, The University of Illinois at Chicago.

Amanda Scott

Vice President of Litigation Research, The Strategy Team, Columbus, Ohio.

Brandon Kopp

Research Psychologist, The Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor.

Brent Bannon

Founder, LearnRig, Charleston, South Carolina

Catherine Carnot-Bond

Director, Strategic Analytics Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, Ohio.

Constantine Sedikides

Professor of Psychology, University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

David Daniels

Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

David Yeager

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Texas-Austin

George Bizer

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Union College, Schenectady,New York

Gabor Simonovits

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science, New York University

Hahrie C. Han

Professor of Environmental Politics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Joanne M. Miller

Professor of Political Science, University of Delaware

John Bullock

Associate Professor of Political Science, Northwestern University

Josh Pasek

Professor of Communication Studies, University of Michigan

Ken Mulligan

Associate Professor of Political Science, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois

Lise Marken

Design Researcher at Microsoft

Laura A. Brannon

Associate Professor of Psychology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Laura Dionne

Data Manager, Institute for Community Health Promotion, Brown University

Laura Miller

Attorney at Durie Tangri, San Francisco, California

Leandre R. Fabrigar

Professor of Psychology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Michael Sargent

Associate Professor of Psychology, Bates College

Matthew Courser

Research Scientist, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, Columbus, Ohio

Mu-Jung Cho

PhD candidate in the Department of Communication at Stanford

Melanie Green

Professor of Communication, University at Buffalo

Nick Yee

Senior Research Scientist at Ubisoft, San Francisco, California

Nuri Kim

Assistant Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University

Omair Akhtar

Data Scientist/ Research Manager at Apple

Penny S. Visser

Professor of Psychology, University of Chicago

Philip Garland

Vice President, Data Science & Insights, Snap! Raise

Rui Wang

Ph.D. Candidate in Political Communication, Stanford University

Rebecca Weiss

Director of Data Science, Mozilla, Mountain View, California

Scott Hartl

Attorney at Special Counsel, Washington D.C.

Stephanie Lampron

Senior Researcher, Education Program, American Institutes for Research, Washington D.C

Trevor Thompson

Vice President for Public Affairs Research, The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Chicago, Illinois

Tabitha Bonilla

Assistant Professor of Research at Institute of Policy Research, Northwestern University

Wendy Gross

Market Research Statistics Specialist at Apple

Yptach Lelkes

Assistant Professor of Communication, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

Jennifer Garst

Executive Director at Story County Community Foundation, Ames, IA

Gaurav Sood

Post-doctoral Fellow, Woodrow Wilson School, Georgetown University

I-Chant Chiang

Executive Vice President Rhodes Wellness College

Neil Malhotra

Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Sowmya Anand

Research Development Manager, Office of Proposal Development, University of Illinois

David S. Boninger

Professor of Psychology, Glendale Community College

Daniel Schneider

Head of Onsite Customer Journey/ Data-driven Merchandising, Zalando

Yao Chia Chuang

Taiwan National University, Taipei, Taiwan

Michael Silver

Senior Design Methodologist, Government Accountability Office, Washington, DC

Fan Li

Associate Director of Market Access and Pricing, Merck

Eric Shaeffer

Marketing and UX Consultant, ArchPatent.com

Andrew L. Betz

Assistant Vice President-R&D, Farmers Insurance

Annabell Suh

UX Researcher, Key Lime Interactive

Lori Gauthier

Director of Marketing Research at Zendesk

Jihye Lee

PhD candidate in the Department of Communication at Stanford

Andrew Pearlmutter

Stanford Graduate School of Business Student

Ahra Cho

Student in Harvard Law School

David Vannette

Research Scientist, Facebook

Amanda McLean

Stanford University, Center for Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law

Alice Kathmandu

Graduate School of Education at Stanford

Irving J. Culpepper


Brian Uldall

Faculty, School of Psychology, Walden University

James Ashenhurst


Philip J. Cornet

Katherine A. Kost

Former Visiting Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Henning Silber

University of Goettingen

Sebastian Lundmark

Sebastian Lundmark

University of Gothenburg

Jan Karem Hoehne

University of Goettingen

Mira Linder

Harvard University

Former Visiting Scholars/Post-Doctoral Fellows/Research Staff

Ana Villar

UX Researcher, Facebook, Menlo Park, California

LinChiat Chang

Freelance Methodologist

Laura Dionne (formerly Laura Lowe)

Data Manager, Institute for Community Health Promotion, Brown University

Michael Tichy

Certified Nurse Practitioner, Optima Behavioral Health

Sowmya Anand

Research Development Manager, Office of Proposal Development, University of Illinois

Sarah L. Bulloch

Research Fellow in Social Sciences, University of Southampton

Nuri Kim

Assistant Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University

Stefaan Walgrave

Professor of Political Science, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Tobias Stark

Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Utrecht University

Ariel Malka

Associate Professor of Psychology, Yeshiva University

Ana Kemmdal Pho

Studies Director, Lund University

Joshua Rabinowitz

Lecturer in Psychology, University of Michigan

Tess Heintze

Director, Profile Group, Knowledge Networks



Former Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Kyle Abraham
  • Mac Abruzzo
  • Traci Adair
  • Erica Adams
  • Monica Adibe
  • Shanta Adwoa Annan
  • Daniel Agness
  • Elaine Albertson
  • Melody Alonzo
  • Britanny Arboleda
  • Ravenna Armstrong
  • Gillian Bach
  • Maya Balaknshnan
  • Angela Bash
  • Joy Baskin
  • Graham Bazell
  • Kellsey Beal
  • Kevin Beane
  • Jonathan Bentley
  • Ibrahim Bharmal
  • Daniel Blocksom
  • Micheal Brown
  • Peggy Caldwell
  • Sarah Campbell
  • Mark Carrington
  • Ebony Carroll
  • Autumn Carter
  • Ifath Casillas
  • Schelli Cavenaugh
  • Ellen Cerf
  • Kue Chang
  • Moiead Charawi
  • Emily Chen
  • Alice Cheung
  • Susie Choi
  • Hannahzoee Chua-Reyes
  • Lance Cidre
  • Jeremy Cook
  • Monika Cooley
  • Annie Coonan
  • Janelle Cornwall
  • Felicia Cote
  • Sondra Crayton
  • Roger Davis
  • Sarah De La Garza
  • Jenilee Deal
  • Gillian Dee
  • Allison Dencker
  • Dustin Dienhart
  • Schen Diggs
  • Laura Dionne
  • Anh Doan
  • Kimberly Dokes
  • Dora Duru
  • Bo Dwyer
  • Gena Eddy
  • Terrell Edwards
  • Samia El Baroudy
  • Mai El-Sadany
  • Mary Elizabeth Ho
  • Onish Etkins
  • Amber Farrell
  • Xavier Fields
  • Catherine Fisher
  • Monique Flemming
  • Wesley Ford
  • Elizabeth Fredland
  • Caroline Galindo
  • Katie Gera
  • Lucy Gibbs
  • Daniela Gonzalez
  • Stephanie Grey
  • Bobby Gyesi
  • Kaitlin Haladay
  • Brookes Hammock
  • James Hancock
  • Andrew Hanson
  • Josh Harder
  • Betsy Harris
  • Kenji Hata
  • Bana Hatzey
  • Neil Heldman
  • Tom Herby
  • Kelly Hernandez
  • Jack Herrera
  • Brent Hite
  • Patricia Ho
  • Laura Hodapp
  • Shiela Holstein
  • Alex Hou
  • Robert Hudson
  • Michelle Hunnicutt
  • Jinu Hwang
  • Enoch Jaeger
  • Fayona James
  • Vonn Javier
  • Eva Jellison
  • Jingxu Jessie Jia
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Sonia Jones
  • Jasmin Kamruddin
  • Hassan Karaouni
  • David Kay
  • Andrew Keaveney
  • Michaela Keefe
  • Keenan Kelly
  • Julia Kho
  • Lezley Kijowski
  • Natasha Kim
  • Denise Klaus
  • Jessy Klima
  • Cass Kramer
  • Katherine Krem
  • Rob Krummen
  • Rachael Ku
  • Karen Kurosawa
  • Brian Lam
  • Sam Larson
  • Tisha Lavette Chisholm
  • Alex Lee
  • Jerry Lee
  • Nathan Lee
  • Saamon Legoski
  • Julie Lein
  • Gabriella Levikow
  • Jeremy Liggett
  • Justin Lin
  • Rachel Linn
  • Conan Liu
  • Alyse Long
  • Marissa Lopez
  • Tammy Luo
  • Emily Macinnis
  • Kameela Majied
  • Meredith Manda
  • Meghan McCall
  • Mary McCann
  • Laura McCully
  • Leslie Mercado
  • Chris Messmer
  • Christopher Middleton
  • Tracey Moffo
  • Alex Monahan
  • Linden Moot
  • Sarina Morgan Soriano-Taylor
  • Jelani Munroe
  • Monique Murphy
  • Jon Murray
  • Darius Namzi
  • Luis Negrete
  • Kelsey Neufeld
  • Ahnviet Nguyen
  • Pa Nhia Vang
  • Patricia Nowak
  • Andy Nyugen
  • Nikki Obel
  • Deborah Oh
  • Eyal Ophir
  • Rebecca Orosco
  • Cue Orr
  • Regina Owens
  • Petar Penkov
  • Chuong Phan
  • Anne Pipathsouk
  • Erin Pontell
  • Julia Purcell
  • Liz Quinlan
  • Stephen Quinonez
  • Mrinalini Raina
  • Jacob Randolph
  • Rachel Riddle
  • Greg Robinson
  • Jamie Rodriguez
  • Dena Rogers
  • Ali Romero
  • Jessica Romero
  • Lindsay Rosston
  • Sukhi Samra
  • Hector Santa-Cruz
  • Karl Schmidt
  • Carey Schwartz
  • Jason Scott
  • Christina Sepe
  • Joe Sexton
  • Kavya Shankar
  • Yibai Shu
  • Yo-Yo Shuang Chen
  • Amanda Shull
  • Taylor Sihavong
  • Jessica Six
  • Wendy Smith
  • Noelle Spring
  • Amy Stanonik
  • Sam Storey
  • Mario Suntanu
  • Regina Sutch
  • Hiyabel Tewoldmedhi
  • Michael Tichy
  • Adam Ting
  • Konnie Toth
  • Huey Tran
  • Son Tran
  • Aimee Trujillo
  • Peter Tu
  • Aldric Ulep
  • Jackson Vachal
  • Dia Velasco
  • Tracy Vu
  • Eleanor Walker
  • Molly Wallace
  • Jakia Waller
  • Althea Wallop
  • Jade Wang
  • Shelly Wang
  • Zecheng Wang
  • Lesley White
  • Tashiko White
  • Trey Whiteman
  • Zak Whittington
  • Dante Williams
  • Joniece Williams
  • Hillary Wilson
  • Lilly Wolfson
  • LaRena Woods
  • Juanita Wright
  • Joseph Wu
  • Chia Xiong
  • Vang Xiong
  • Glenn Yamada
  • Roger Yang
  • Roger Yang
  • Mariam Yao
  • Jen Ying Zhen Ang
  • Esther Yoon
  • Issa Yousif
  • Steve Zhang